Using Azure Security Center to combat Ransomware

After the recent outbreak in Ransomware attacks, I thought it may be good to talk more about how Microsoft is using Azure Security Center to prevent a possible infection. On June 28th, Tim Burrell published a blog (Petya ransomware prevention & detection in Azure Security Center) that talks through the steps needed to protect your environment. From this article, the information provided is pretty simple. It basically states that the best form of defense is to keep your virus software up to date. However, the question is how can you ensure that your end-point protection software is even installed, much less up to date. This is where Forsyte and Azure Security Center comes into play. By using the Azure Security Center you have a single pane of glass that will not only provide you with end-point protection information, it will provide threat information, and it will provide remediation options.

Azure Security Center will provide you the ability to:
  • Understand the security state of your Azure and On-premise resources
  • Take control of cloud security with policies that let you recommend and monitor security configurations
  • Easily deploy integrated Microsoft and partner security solutions from Barracuda, F5, and Trend Micro and soon from Fortinet, Check Point, Cisco, Imperva, Incapsula, and CloudFlare
  • Get alerted to threats detected using advanced analytics, including machine learning and behavioral profiling, and Microsoft’s vast global threat intelligence assets.

Forsyte is happy to provide you an overview of Azure Security Center, along with Microsoft Operations Management Suite. Along with installation and configuration, we can provide management services. Even more important is that we have funding opportunities that we can take advantage of to assure that the installation cost is minimal.

To learn more about Azure Security Center, please contact us at 1 844-587-4535 or at

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