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The #1 cause of a breach is compromised identities.

As a Microsoft Gold Security partner, we know the importance of securing your people, data, and infrastructure with a zero-trust security model.

We help organizations plan and implement innovative security strategies in all areas of IT, including securely accessing data, resources, and applications between entities, provisioning and de-provisioning user accounts, sharing accounts and contact information (GAL), and sharing calendars between entities.

We provide clearer, everyday insights into user activity and security while giving your trusted users access to the systems and solutions they need to get work done.

Keep your data secure - tips

Protect identities and manage access.

Improve security and reduce the need for help desk assistance with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), a complete identity and access management solution with integrated security that connects you to your apps, devices, and data.

Identity is the center of the security plane. Azure AD provides advanced defense against malicious login attempts and safeguards credentials with risk-based access controls, identity protection, and strong authentication — all without disrupting productivity. 

Azure AD provides identity and access management for cloud and hybrid environments and helps protect users from 99.9% of cybersecurity attacks.

Stop threats with integrated, automated protection

Security breaches come in many forms—phishing, malware, ransomware, social engineering, and data theft to name a few. Today’s biggest heists may not look like the movies, but rest assured they are destructive. There’s more at stake than ever before: business disruption, data loss, intellectual property damage, and financial gain. You need to understand the vulnerabilities across your company’s identity, apps and data, devices, and infrastructure to protect against threats and recover quickly.


The best OFFENSE is a good DEFENSE. Empower your users with the knowledge they need to spot suspicious activity. 


Respond FASTER to prevent lateral spread. Deploy a threat detection solution that identifies attacks that made it past your other defenses.


Leverage the POWER of automated remediation. Quickly remediate the threat with automated solutions that mitigate long-term impact.

Integrated threat protection products:

Secure apps and resources across clouds.

While the rapid growth of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services has helped businesses streamline operations and improve worker productivity, it has also introduced new risks and threats. Safeguard your multi-cloud apps and resources with complete visibility and comprehensive protection across workloads.

Know what’s going on

Get guidance and recommendations

Have more control

Streamline security management

Protect Azure services

Protect hybrid cloud resources

Get comprehensive threat intelligence

Centralize app monitoring and control

Discover and control shadow IT

Identify and remediate cloud-native attacks

Protect information in real time

Protect and govern sensitive data.

Safeguard sensitive data across clouds, apps, and endpoints with built-in protection, unified management, intelligent data, and extensive capabilities with information protection and governance.

Know your data
Protect your data
Govern your data
​Prevent data loss

Identify and remediate risks.

Prevent, identify, investigate, and remediate both malicious and inadvertent activities within your organization. 

Machine Learning

Use built-in machine learning templates or build your own to get rich insights on risks.

Risk Workflows

Act collaboratively across teams within your organization to remediate risk with workflows.

Strong Insights

Quickly detect policy violations, activities, and actions with insights dashboards.

Integrated threat protection products:

Simplify compliance management.

Get intuitive management with end-to-end compliance for controlled data across the board. From easy onboarding to managed implementations, customize data response to meet your ever-changing needs. Compliance management offers scalable assessments, built-in automation, data discovery, and intelligent response.

Microsoft compliance management products:

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