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If your organization had to pass a security audit today, given all the tools and tech you have in place, what are your chances of passing? We know it’s scary out there and it’s only getting scarier.

At Forsyte I.T. Solutions, we are responsible for security people, data, and infrastructure of our valued clients 24×7 and it’s something we obsess over day in and day out. When we think of what it means to manage security, PROTECTION is the number one thing that comes to mind. It is the cornerstone of every security strategy we implement at Forsyte I.T. Solutions and the #1 focus of our managed services offering, Guardian 365.

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Organizations that do not maintain basic security hygiene practices are placing data, reputation, and employee privacy at a dangerously high risk! There is no one-size-fits-all approach to security and that means you can start anywhere, with the RIGHT TEAM + TOOLS!

Guardian 365 was created to PROTECT your organization with IT experts + tools to seamlessly manage your security operations while keeping overhead low.

With Guardian 365, common hurdles of managed security services are eliminated with advanced detection and response services. Guardian 365 provides a comprehensive view of your security posture with 24×7 solution monitoring, advanced dashboards, and threat protection management to continually protect your data, people, and infrastructure.

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Forsyte I.T. Solutions is first and foremost a managed services provider. Our clients’ organizations are in our care 24×7 and have come to expect expert support as an extension of internal team. Get the help you need to support your critical security initiatives with Forsyte’s award-winning team.

Guardian 365 managed security includes:
  • Microsoft 365 security assessment and security score generation
  • Deployment of necessary M365 workloads for security optimization
  • 24×7 security protection, monitoring, and remediation
  • Regularly emailed security alerts and reporting
  • Access to your customized security dashboard, on-demand
  • Audit checks and assessments for lower cyber insurance costs
  • Access to Forsyte’s security support desk 8am-8pm EST
  • and more!

“Did you know that something as simple as setting up MFA (free with Microsoft Security solutions) can stop 99% of credential theft?” – Microsoft 🚀 

Get Help with Guardian 365  | Your Key to Better Managed Security Services

Cybercrime remains a central concern for organizations and the potential for more issues continues to increase. Cyberattacks are here to stay and we want to help keep you secure around the clock!

Guardian 365 is the always-on managed security you need to stay secure and insured. Add award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner, Forsyte I.T. Solutions your team to manage it all. 24×7 security powered by #Guardian365. 🚀

Forsyte I.T. Solutions is a 2021 Microsoft US Partner Winner, acknowledging the company’s vast IT knowledge and expertise in working with Microsoft technology to help organizations on their technology journeys. 

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