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Detect the breach, it’s a sneak!

It’s all over the news and all over our blog ….. Cybercrimes are heavily increasing, and organizations have a clear responsibility to secure their people, data, and infrastructure from harm. Did you know that over 400 million cyberattacks occurred in the first half of last year alone? 400 million … more than ever in the history of cyberattacks.

What are you doing to protect your people, data, and infrastructure from the increasingly vicious threats? Do you know if you have a strategy in place that can detect a breach? If you’re like most, the landscape is daunting and it’s difficult to understand which tools you need for what purpose, and how to manage it all once in place.

Guardian 365 400M cyberattacks this year

Guardian 365 was made to DETECT breaches across technology solutions.

Securing an organization with the zero-trust model, where you must protect the identity, is at the core of Guardian 365. Powerful AI, built with a framework of advanced technology take security management to the next level of what’s possible.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Identity and Access Management advanced certified partner, we are often asked to run security assessments on organizations looking to view their own security scores to get a baseline idea of where they stand in their security approach. Too often we find security red flags scattered throughout their environments and alarm bells start ringing for their IT teams.

The purpose in conducting a security review is to identify holes in security and have the opportunity to review necessary steps to strengthen an organization’s security posture. 

Many organizations are simply not set up to be able to manage security 24×7 and we are asked to lead those efforts with managed services. For years, we have made it our mission to work seamlessly as an extension of IT departments and serve as trusted advisors, implementors, and managers of security. Guardian 365 is the official name of Forsyte’s security managed services offering and is comprised of advanced security tools AND Forsyte’s team of engineers.

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If you’re looking for the next step to take on your security journey, our team at Forsyte would like to show you how easy it is to work with us. Guardian 365 provides the level of security you need with the team you want to work with. Learn more about Guardian 365, your key to better managed services. 🚀

Guardian 365 managed security includes:
  • Microsoft 365 security assessment and security score generation
  • Deployment of necessary M365 workloads for security optimization
  • 24×7 security protection, monitoring, and remediation
  • Regularly emailed security alerts and reporting
  • Access to your customized security dashboard, on-demand
  • Audit checks and assessments for lower cyber insurance costs
  • Access to Forsyte’s security support desk 8am-8pm EST
  • and more!

PRO TIP: To optimize protection, set up automatic remediation actions to minimize the risk to your organization. 🚀 

Get Help with Guardian 365  | Your Key to Better Managed Security Services
Cybercrime remains a central concern for organizations and the potential for more issues continues to increase. Cyberattacks are here to stay and we want to help keep you secure around the clock! Guardian 365 is the always-on managed security you need to stay secure and insured. Add award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner, Forsyte I.T. Solutions your team to manage it all. 24×7 security powered by #Guardian365. 🚀 Forsyte I.T. Solutions is a 2021 Microsoft US Partner Winner, acknowledging the company’s vast IT knowledge and expertise in working with Microsoft technology to help organizations on their technology journeys. Read the press release 🛡️ Schedule a Guardian 365 Security Check today at
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