Tenant Consolidation in Education: What to consider

Microsoft continues to create a strong footprint in the education space offering low priced to free O365 for students, a robust collaboration platform, and simplified infrastructure management.

As the Office 365 platform continues to grow and mature, one interesting challenge that has (come up) is multiple tenancies.  For example, students on one tenant and faculty on another.  Or it can be split by physical location of the campuses or broken down by each school (i.e. Law, Business, Teaching, etc.).

The main reasons we see for tenant consolidation in education is collaboration, domain consolidation, and central management.  Whatever scenario the school or business is facing, thinking about consolidation can be daunting because it is not as easy as flipping a switch anymore.  There are literally hundreds of things to think about when considering a tenant consolidation. But here are a few to start with.

1) Switch thinking to multi workloads, not just mail.

As Office 365 continues to mature and they add capabilities to the platform, we see these apps and more data become a crucial part of these businesses Growing maturity of O365, the platform mature, a lot more data and the apps have become a crucial part of business.  Teams is a great example! It uses exchange, SharePoint, documents and has become an imperative part of many online learning forums. Making sure the project is scoped correctly and asking the right discovery questions is key to understand the environment.  If this is not done, there could be some serious financial repercussions.

2) What is the impact to your users?

A migration should be flawless.  Students leave on Friday or for break, and when they come back thinks are just as the left it.  But we all know that is not necessarily the case.  So plan, plan, plan! Plan for the pre migration, during migration, and post migration.  Understand the strategy you want to use (great article here on strategies).  Also, identify key players and contacts for this project to ensure communication between all parties involved.  Communication is key for success!

3) What about a migration tool?

I strongly believe in automating the difficult things to save time and resources.  Migration tools versus doing this manually will help with user experience, data loss, and security concerns.

It is also going to save a ton of time, resources, and money in the long run.  But picking a tool can be challenging and one size does not fit all for any project.  Make sure to do some research and understand that ‘free’ is not always free when it comes to migrations.

If you are considering a tenant consolidation, for whatever reason, reach out to our team. We can help you develop a customized migration strategy to minimize downtime specific to your needs.

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