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Revolutionize cross-tenant collaboration with CloudConnect

Does your organization use multiple platforms, such as Office 365, G Suite, or Exchange? Does your organization share internal resources with people outside your organization? How are you managing cross-organizational collaboration in the cloud?

Unify, synchronize, and empower

CloudConnect is a SaaS application developed by Forsyte I.T. Solutions to improve collaboration and resource sharing across tenants, through a single environment. Users can securely share applications and services with external users while maintaining control over their own data.

Experience the benefits of CloudConnect:

  • Create unified address lists across organizations and extend centralized services to partner organizations without standing up your own infrastructure or engaging in complex implementations.
  • Effectively manage address list synchronizations and guest accounts in a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Achieve integration between multiple platforms (Office 365, G Suite, Exchange) with an automated method to access internal resources for external organizations and global address list synchronization.
  • Facilitate a richer collaboration experience across tools such as Microsoft Teams to quickly access the data you need.
  • Simplify collaboration across tools, and platforms, and automate access to resources.

SUNY transforms collaboration with CloudConnect for Education and Microsoft Azure

Forsyte I.T. Solutions created CloudConnect in response to the State University of New York’s (SUNY) need for a secure, advanced collaboration tool using Microsoft technologies that would join its large infrastructure and legacy solutions. SUNY wanted to create a secure virtualized environment for its faculty and staff to share resources, collaborate in Microsoft Teams, log into campus domains, and work better together while maintaining its disparate tenant identities. Read the Case Study for more details.

Take the next step with CloudConnect by Forsyte

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