Office 365 ATP Feature Updates

I wanted to share an update on a couple O365 ATP features that have been highly requested over the past few months.  These are currently being rolled out to tenants as we speak and most tenants have them enabled today.

URL Custom Blocklist

ATP customers now have the capabilities to block URLs with their own customized list with wildcarding capabilities. The custom list take on average 30 seconds to apply to your tenant and the URLs are then block at the time of click on all existing messages.

URL Blocklist in Office 365 ProPlus Office applications

ATP customers now have the ability to extend URL Safe links and the Custom Blocklist into their Office desktop applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio). This gives them to protect users from malicious URLs in the attachments themselves.

Here is a PowerShell for automating the per-tenant URL blocklist to go with it:

$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection -ConnectionUri -Credential $credentials
Import-PSSession $Session -CommandName Get-AtpPolicyForO365,Set-AtpPolicyForO365
$blockUrl = “*
$policy= Get-AtpPolicyForO365
$policy.BlockUrls += $blockUrl
Set-AtpPolicyForO365 -BlockUrls $policy.BlockUrls

As a reminder there are only two weeks remaining on our ATP Student Advantage offer where you pay for all employee user licenses and active student licenses are included at no extra cost.  This is a significant savings.  If you are interest and/or need an updated quote from your reseller please let me know.

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