Working from Home: Understanding the biggest hurdles and how to avoid them

Working from Home: Understanding the biggest hurdles and how to avoid them

As the coronavirus panic spreads, more organizations are preparing to manage their workforces from home in an effort to keep employees safe and abide by the new travel restrictions and rules around large-crowd, public meetings. At Forsyte, we are assisting clients in any way possible to prepare and build out additional infrastructure necessary to run operations smoothly.  

Forsyte I.T. Solutions is a “born in the cloud” technology solutions provider and managed services partner focused on supporting clients in their journey to modernizing IT infrastructures. We’ve worked with countless organizations to successfully transform their on-premise infrastructures to hybrid and cloud-based models and set up their employees to securely work from anywhere and on any device and can do the same for you in this time of need.

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There’s a lot to consider when making the shift to a work from home business model. One of the largest considerations is how work will continue to be done in a secure environment that allows for easy collaboration among your team. Business leaders across the world are now looking to incorporate the necessary parameters to stay compliant and operational amid the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s advisable for any organization to have plans in the case of an emergency or disastrous event, and now is the time to assess your strategies and see what needs addressing.

Today’s Technology Advancements Make It Possible

Technology has advanced to the point where it isn’t necessary for everyone in an organization to be under one roof to work effectively and efficiently. Some experts say that working from home can even increase your employee productivity, as commutes are removed and there is more time to dedicate to getting projects out the door. Continuing business as usual is necessary, but one of the primary concerns in setting up a virtual work environment is security. Identity and security should be on the top of everyone’s minds as a primary concern and elephant in the room to tackle.

Forsyte can help you plan your necessary steps and solutions to meet the needs of your organization in a secure and compliant work from home scenario. “A Work from home strategy gives Forsyte the ability to attract the best talent. A physical office bounds us to that region,” said Forsyte Partner and CEO Chuck McBride. “Further it is a great perk for our team. It gives them the flexibility to choose when they work, and it allows for more family and personal time.”


We’ve put together a checklist of important considerations as you plan for teleworking:

Considerations: Operational

  1. Set employee expectations around work times and productivity
  2. Ensure employees have their necessary workspace devices setup at home
  3. Check employee wi-fi strength and room peripherals

Considerations: Technical

  1. Cloud-based infrastructure to work and maintain productivity at home
  2. Collaboration solution to engage in calls, meetings, presentations, screen shares, and general employee-team communication
  3. Security solutions that protect the work from home employee from cyberattacks
  4. Identity and access management platform with easy access and monitoring

As you revisit and update your policies around emergency workforce scenarios, we encourage you to read and learn more about core cloud architecture concepts and the options available to you in the cloud (see additional resources below). IT modernization centers around increasing functionality, lowering expenses by transitioning to the cloud, and eliminating on-premise servers. Setting up an accessible, reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure is the goal. Our experts at Forsyte can take you there.  

COVID-19 shouldn’t be taken lightly, virtual teaming can boost productivity. Virtual teaming is not a new concept but one that requires not only technology but diligent teamwork and human engagement for overall success. The Microsoft tools provide an opportunity to have a high level of interaction for your teams, students, faculty, etc. but to measure success your leaders need to embrace the change.” said Gregory Katz, Forsyte Partner and Chief Architect.

Additional Tips and Best Practices

Use available solutions to create a team environment at home:

  • Teams: jump on a call, instant message a teammate, schedule a meeting, share documents
  • OneDrive, SharePoint: store documents and share the links to collaborate in real-time
  • Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD): work remotely from any device to access everything you need from anywhere
  • Microsoft Authenticator: secure your user logins with this two-factor authentication app
  • Azure AD: set up this cloud-based identity and access management service to help employees sign in and access the solutions they need for everyday work

Take the necessary steps to make the transition:

  • Plan and schedule a migration to the cloud
  • Ensure you have the right solutions enabled in your licensing
  • Set up your free trial of Microsoft Teams
  • Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)


Take Advantage of FREE Solutions from Microsoft as You Make Your Plans

Microsoft has done a great thing for its current and future customers by making available a free 6 month trial of Teams in this time of need. Organizations can and should take advantage of the feature-rich collaboration solution to create a close-knit, more organic work environment. Many employees have never worked from home and may benefit from the consistent interaction with colleagues.

Use the following link to learn more about your options with Teams:

As you make plans in preparation for a time when employees may not be able to physically go into an office due to new rules and regulations, we want you to know that we are here to help ensure your infrastructure is correctly and securely setup and streamlined for uninterrupted success. Our team knows what it takes to run an efficient, well-structured virtual office environment and have been working remotely every day for years! We have walked this walk and can guide you on your journey with both confidence and first-hand experience. Reach out to us if you are ready to talk and assess your options.

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Additional Resources and Information

Microsoft Solutions and Resources:

Work from Home Articles:

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With numerous consolidations and migrations under our belt, Forsyte has become a leader in successful migrations. No matter the industry, size, or scope of the organization, we empower people to work where they want, how they want, and collaborate with others in an environment that is easy to use and backed by a file storage and sharing architecture that will carry them into the future. If you’re considering your next move, call the experts at Forsyte to understand your options and make your dream a reality.

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