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Cloud computing fundamentally changes how organizations obtain, use, and secure technology resources. Moving workloads to the cloud can speed up your organizational objectives, but it can also get out of control if you are not careful.

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Ensure a well-managed cloud environment with Cloud Governance. Create effective standards and policies to enforce governance guardrails and contain costs. Assess your Azure Governance and dive into the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) with us. Receive tools, guidance and narratives to help drive successful technology, business & employee outcomes during your cloud adoption efforts. Forsyte’s 5 Disciplines of Cloud Governance: • Cost Management: Evaluate and monitor costs, limit IT spend, scale and control costs as you move workloads into the cloud • Security Baseline: Maintain compliance with IT security constraints by applying a security baseline to all cloud adoptions • Resource Consistency: Ensure consistently configured resources and practices for onboarding, recovery, and discoverability • Identity Baseline: Ensure an enforced baseline identity and access baseline by consistency applying role definitions and assignments • Deployment Acceleration: Accelerate deployments with centralized, consistent and standardized deployment templates


Most organizations have a hybrid infrastructure and require advanced connectivity. This situation brings with it many benefits around using the best of each world for the appropriate workload but also some challenges, particularly around networking and security. Forsyte delivers optimal results for organizations connecting workloads on-premises and in the cloud. Let us show you where each technology fits and how to assess your options. Design efficient networks by selecting proper Azure network services for optimal connectivity to on-prem data centers and remote sites. • Connectivity Services: The networking services in Azure provide a variety of networking capabilities that can be used together or separately. Connect resources on-premises and in the cloud using any or a combination of these networking services in Azure - Virtual Network (VNet), Virtual WAN, ExpressRoute, VPN Gateway, Azure DNS, or Azure Bastion. • Protection Services: Protect your applications using any or a combination of cloud-based networking services DDoS protection, Firewall, Network Security Groups, Web Application Firewall, or Virtual Network Endpoints. • Delivery Services: Deliver applications in Azure with any combination of Azure networking services - Content Delivery Network (CDN), Azure Front Door Service, Traffic Manager, Application Gateway, or Load Balancer. • Monitoring Services: Monitor network resources using any combination of Azure networking services - Network Watcher, ExpressRoute Monitor, Azure Monitor, or VNet Terminal Access Point (TAP).


As your organization works through digital transformations to become more agile, Windows Virtual Desktop is a prime example of fluid flexibility. Users can access their expected desktop experience regardless of location. Access can be from any device that contains either the WVD native client application or a Windows Virtual Desktop HTML5 web client. Set up a secure and productive virtual desktop experience in the cloud. Engage Forsyte to deploy a complete, intelligent solution that enhances creativity and collaboration for your organization. Realize the benefits of VDI with Forsyte: • Virtualize both desktops and apps, then assign and connect users to them • Virtualize O365 ProPlus and deliver it to your users in an optimized environment • Reduce your CAPEX costs by lessening the impact of hardware product life cycles • Lower costs by pooling multi-session resourcesReduce the number of virtual machines in your environment • Bring your existing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Windows Server desktops and apps to any computer with ease • Publish as many host pools as you need to accommodate your diverse workloads • Reduce your CAPEX costs by reducing the impact of hardware product life cycles • Provide a unified and simplified management experience for your admins


Stay connected no matter where you are with OneDrive - the central way to store, sync and communicate.

Get to know OneDrive – it’s included in Office 365 and is quickly becoming the go-to storage, sync, and communications connector for organizations looking to save money and use an all-in-one tool to make life a little easier. Watch the video below.
“Agora began by dropping all 3rd party Anti-virus software in 2017. Since then Agora has committed 100% of its security posture to Microsoft and has seen a drop from over 200 security related support cases to near zero.”
- Michael Rublesky III
Director of Technology

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