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Forsyte's 4 Steps to Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption is better when you have the right partner to plan, test, and support your journey. Cloud governance creates guardrails and Cloud Adoption Framework to assist your organization. Using Forsyte’s proven methodology, we will provide the right guidance through Cloud Readiness Assessment, Infrastructure Review, Cloud Migration Planning, and Cloud Implementation Review.  

#1 Cloud Readiness Assessment

As a certified Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, we employ top Azure cloud architects and data engineers to streamline the process and take advantage of the innovative use of technology. In the assessment we will start by gaining an in-depth knowledge or your environment and requirements. This is a review to enable Forsyte to identify suitable, scalable solutions with Azure including migration options and costing exercise on deployment and recurring cloud expenditures. These findings will be fully documented, presented to you for a discussion on next steps in the journey. Our assessment includes a clear strategic IT plan with defined set of cloud readiness recommendations for your organization.

#2 Infrastructure Review

The Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Review will assist your organization with validating your existing Microsoft Azure IaaS infrastructure and/or hybrid environment to document and ensure the current environment has been configured to best practices.. This engagement will assist in sharing best practices and providing knowledge transfer by demonstrating the best way to maximize the benefits of utilizing Microsoft Azure. A Microsoft Azure IaaS Design Assessment will review the following: • Azure subscription(s) • Identity in Azure • Resource group(s) • Storage accounts • Networking and connectivity • Virtual Machine configurations Forsyte will provide recommendations based on this architectural review. The duration of the infrastructure review will be based on the complexities of the existing Azure environment.

#3 Cloud Migration Planning

Organizations need to reduce their capital expenses and minimize the endless addition of servers, storage and IT infrastructure to support business demands. Microsoft Azure provides a scalable and flexible platform to serve as a data center infrastructure on-demand without investing in hardware or software. As part of the Azure Migration Services offering, Foryste will work with your team to define your migration parameters and set forward a plan for migration. The outcome will help you understand the cost of moving on-premises workloads to Azure and what to expect with performance. This engagement provides expertise in Azure with our world-class engineers allowing you to intelligently move forward with an Azure migration. Cloud Migration will include the following: • Review your organization’s on-premises environment • High-level understanding of server and networking environment • Review the assessment summary and migration plans • Review hybrid cloud designs/requirements

#4 Cloud Implementation

Cloud Implementation is a multi-layered approach. Engage our experts to learn best practices and guided expertise for a successful cloud journey. Cloud Implementation will include the following: • Set up services necessary for migration into Azure • Work with your organization to relay application changes necessary for migration, and supporting your testing efforts prior to migration • Testing, piloting and execution of migration plan for supported Windows and Linux servers • Validate successful migrations

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Our security consultants offer comprehensive skills to assess your currrent environment and can help design a secure network framework that takes your business objectives into account. Cloud security is a broad set of policies, technologies, applications, and controls used to protect virtualized IP, data, applications, services, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing. It’s the protection of data, applications, and infrastructures involved in cloud computing. High-level security concerns such as data leaks and exposure, weak access controls, attack vulnerabilities, and access rules affect your organization’s work in the cloud. With Foryste’s security offerings we will tailor your needs for zero trust technology. Get cloud security that is backed by our team of security experts and proactive compliance trusted by clients across industries and locations.

Advanced Governance Capabilities

You need to reduce your capital expenses and minimize the endless addition of servers, storage and IT infrastructure to support business demands. Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides a scalable and flexible platform to provide a server infrastructure on-demand without investing in hardware or software. The Microsoft Azure Governance Workshop service can assist your organization in creating a plan for Azure cloud governance. This workshop, based upon the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) , takes an in-depth look at the people, processes and technology currently in place and assists with building a framework that makes it easier for IT to support business needs while still providing the flexibility to use Microsoft Azure. A Microsoft Azure Governance Workshop will cover the following: • Implementation of policies, processes and procedures • Account provisioning • Subscription controls • Role-based access controls • Resource management • Policies and auditing • Resource tracking • Critical resource control • API access to billing information • Networking controls • Security configuration, monitoring and alerting Forsyte will present findings and recommendations and can assist with implementation as needed.

Azure Sentinel

Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM is a cloud-based service, that provides SIEM with a significantly reduced footprint and reduces your organizations time, efforts, and cost in deployment. Foryste can help your organization get your Azure Sentinel instance up and running quickly. We know all typical SIEM deployment challenges and our experts in Azure Sentinel have done many successful installations for various size customers. As part of our Azure Sentinel SIEM deployment, Forsyte will: • Perform an assessment of existing infrastructure to understand the customer SIEM needs • Provide an initial SIEM infrastructure design matching customer environment • Educate customer on projected Azure consumption for the final SIEM solution • Build and configure Azure Sentinel cloud instance in customer Azure tenant • Review log types and devices, both on-premises and in Cloud and educate customer on relevant log sources to be included in SIEM analytics • Create a set of Sentinel alert rules and playbooks matching the customer needs and remediation capabilities • Assist customer with the on-premises log sources on-boarding activities • Complete initial tuning of alert rules

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