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Change is in the Air

Change is coming and this change is good! We work with lots of different organizations across the higher education, commercial, and healthcare industries and one of the biggest trends we are seeing now is the migration to the cloud. In some cases, orgs are asking for on-prem to cloud migrations and in others, it’s a cloud to cloud scenario, such as the move from Box to OneDrive and Teams.

We were very interested in finding out the reason for the big requests to shift from Box to OneDrive and Teams and uncovered one of the largest concerns for our clients – cost! For one client, their annual renewal bill for Box almost tripled, leaving them to question the longevity of the Box solution for their business. That’s when our consultative services kicked in and we asked the question that would alleviate the burden of cost for the long-term: “Have you considered moving from Box to OneDrive and Teams?” That was the moment we realized it was critical for our clients to understand the benefits and truly know the power of the solutions they already owned within their Microsoft Office 365 licenses.


Apples to Oranges

Though not entirely apples to apples, we’ll lay out some of the features and benefits of the two that show the differences and benefits of using the powerful Office solutions native to Office 365. Microsoft’s suite of robust applications make it a cinch to collaborate in real time, stay up to date on new revisions, and easily access the files you need to stay productive wherever you go.



Saving Big

Anytime we can save money for our clients, we are elated, and this is definitely one of the times we want to shout from the rooftops! It’s an exciting time in the cloud and we want to make sure that organizations take advantage of the tools already owned to make the most of working in the cloud.


Migrating to OneDrive and Teams

Migrations are nothing to take lightly, and for some organizations, they might be the main reason for unsettling feelings and wariness about shifting between solutions, such as migrating from Box to OneDrive and Teams. We understand the concern and agree that it can go terribly wrong if you don’t have the right partner leading the charge. That’s where we come in.

Forsyte has an impressive track record of massive and complicated migrations and I am always impressed at the caliber, finesse, and white-glove service our team maintains while performing such integral migrations. No matter the size or the scope, it’s like a carefully planned performance that has been designed, choreographed, and reviewed so everyone understands their part perfectly. The level of passion to service and expertise is next-level.


Planning a Migration

No good migration comes without detailed planning. Understanding the full scope of the Box to OneDrive migration is imperative to success, so that is a large part of our focus when moving clients. Understanding how and where people have stored files, the size of the files, and the types of the files are part of the equation. When you move files from Box, where will they fit within OneDrive and how will you set up your filing and naming system…the answers to these questions determine the flow of the migration.


Depend on Us

With numerous migrations under our belt, Forsyte has become a leader in successful migrations. No matter the industry, size, or scope of the organization, we empower people to work where they want, how they want, and collaborate with others in an environment that is easy to use and backed by a file storage and sharing architecture that will carry them into the future. If you’re considering your next move, call the experts at Forsyte to understand your options and make your dream a reality.

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