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A View from Inside 

After 20 years at Microsoft, I have found one constant: the client’s business is always the most important item on the agenda. As professionals, we try to understand the clients’ business as best as we can before we walk in the door, but there is always so much more going on behind the scenes.

Embracing Digital Transformation

Organizations are embracing the new digital transformation in a myriad of ways. Our role at Forsyte it to provide the support for that growth. We are fully invested in the future of digital transformation and are deploying infrastructure and security to provide a zero trust network. We are also offering managed services in Azure to ensure that you, our clients, can ultimately focus on your business.

In the movie Jerry Maguire, Jerry boasted about having an epiphany and wanted to share his “mission statement” with the world. We want you to do the same. Stretch, grow, and land in new ventures. Forsyte is there to help you and you can rest assured knowing that we are focused on your protecting your most important assets: your people and data.


Services to Assist

Providing services shouldn’t be cost prohibitive or provide vendor lock in. We at Forsyte believe our bond (and contract) is our word. Forsyte’s Managed Cloud Services offer a complete and secure architecture that includes deployment planning, availability, cost and billing, security monitoring, patch management, and disaster recovery services. One of the keys to this is cloud security monitoring.

In today’s cyber tension environment we have focused on zero-trust infrastructure and modernization of applications with containers and microservices. With Microsoft’s entrance into Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Sentinel, we use the right tools to manage your environment.

Evolution of SIEM

Today’s SIEM has evolved to embrace advanced analytics such as user behavior analytics (UEBA), network flow insights, artificial intelligence (AI), and incident forensics. With a single dashboard, security analysts can gain insights from this data, drawn from a large range of security sources, to prioritize mitigation efforts based on risk profiles and increase efficiency.

Bring your own threat intelligence into the Sentinel platform

In many of the SIEM solutions threat indicators are utilized that associate observations in file hashes, URLs, or IP information which could be the result of malware, botnets or phishing attaches. The threat intelligence can be added from your existing environment into Azure Sentinel to help security investigators at Forsyte identify and remediate threats for your organization. If your organization has Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) solutions, these can be applied and integrated into Sentinel. You could be using Palo Alto Network MineMeld, ThreatConnect, or other MISPs. Microsoft can use the tilindicators API to bring these threat indicators to the Sentinel Platform.

Once you’ve added these indicators into the platform you can run queries and manage the data connector from within Azure Sentinel as seen below.

Supportive Managed Services

At Forsyte we offer managed services to configure, deploy, and manage your threat protection and provide you with a zero trust infrastructure so you can run your business.

Take advantage of these offerings to further your
digital transformation.

Try a modern SIEM that is born in the cloud.​

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